5 factors you need to think before buy a power bank 

Identify Your Power Bank Needs

Before selecting the best power bank for your budget, it is important to identify what type of features you are looking for. Consider how often you will be using your power bank and ask yourself if you need a pocket-sized device or a larger capacity battery with more USB ports. Additionally, determine the types of devices that you plan to use with the power bank. Better quality power banks will have compatibility with more gadgets such as laptops, cameras, and tablets.

Compare Prices and Features

When deciding on which power bank is best for you, it can be helpful to compare the prices and features of different brands. Fortunately, there are many online retailers that provide detailed information about the latest models. Be sure to compare not only the price but also any extra features like compatibility with different devices, USB ports, and charging speed. Doing your research can help you get the most out of your purchase and make sure you’re getting a good value for your money.

Consider Battery Capacity and Output Speed

Before purchasing a power bank, you should always consider the battery capacity and output speed. Most power banks typically provide a range of capacities, from small ones ideal for travel to large ones for recharging multiple devices. Additionally, make sure the device is providing sufficient output speed to recharge your devices quickly. Most power banks will clearly display their provided output speed, which can be indicated in Amps (A) or by the percentage of original battery charge that can be restored in an hour (mAh).


USB Ports & Compatibilities

When looking for a power bank, consider the USB ports and which devices are compatible with them. Modern power banks come equipped with up-to-date USB ports that will work with almost any device on the market today. Look for ports that have extra features like Quick Charge technology, which can dramatically reduce charging time. Additionally, make sure the port is common—like micro-USB or USB Type-C—so you don’t need an additional adapter to recharge your devices.


Look for Extra Functions (LED Indicators, etc.)

Check for additional functions that can make using your power bank more convenient. Innovative designs such as LED indicators around the power button or a slim rectangular design can make the experience much better. Some power banks have flip-open covers and compartments to store additional accessories like USB cables, headphones and other items. If you’re looking for maximum convenience, look out for wireless charging ports too!


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Are you looking for a power bank that costs very low / fits your budget? Look at our article on the most ideal one’s that anyone could hope to find in Bangladesh, without burning your pocket. Here we have enlisted 5 of our favorite power Banks Deals to chose from in the list below for your convenience:

Name  Brand   Power (Watt)  mAh   Price (BDT) varies on different times 

Baseus 10000mAh Portable 20W Magnetic Wireless Charger Power Bank 


Baseus   20 Watt  10,000 mAh  2,250 taka 

Joyroom JR-QP190 20W 10000mAh PD Fast Charging Power Bank 


JoyRoom  20W  10,000 mAh  1,620 taka 

Baseus Bipow Digital Display 15W Power Bank 10000mAh Fast Charging 


Baseus  15W  10,000 mAh  1,300 taka 

Joyroom JR-QP193 30000mAh 22.5W Fast Charging Power Bank 




22.5 W  30,000 mAh  2,690 taka 


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Power banks are one of the most common mobile accessories used today. They are sophisticated portable battery packs connected with a control circuit. The purpose of a power bank is to recharge battery-powered electronics like smartphones, tablets, and speakers; when might not have access to a wall outlet to charge your phone. The very first Power Bank was created in 2001. It was manufactured by a Chinese company named Pisen. The original power bank was dual AA-sized batteries pieced together with a controller circuit. It was bulky with short battery life. This primitive power bank was introduced at the Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show. Now we have compact power banks with sophisticated designs and superior battery life.

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Currently, power bank users are increasing in Bangladesh along with various technologies. The use of smart devices plays an important role in our daily life. And with more usage, the charge goes down faster. As a result, the device may turn off in an emergency and disrupt important work. Also, when traveling somewhere, electricity is not always present, so it is not possible to charge the device. A power bank is used to keep the device running during these times.


Different Types of Power Bank

Today we have a wide variety of power banks available for purchase. Based on the design there are many types of power banks available. Here we will walk you through the most common type of power bank.

Block Power Bank

Block power bank is the most common type available today. They are available in the shape of a slim rectangle, or a wider rectangle. They are good for portability and charging efficiency.

Wireless Power Bank

A wireless power bank is placed near a compatible device and it charges the battery wirelessly with microwaves. But not all device is compatible with this type of power bank.

High Capacity Power Bank

High-capacity power banks are also called Portable power stations. provide a lot of power and have a battery of 20,000 mAh or higher. These power banks can charge multiple devices at once, or one device multiple times before needing to be charged again.

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